Debug - Elastic Mini Bands (Set with 5)

Set with 5 mini bands with different resistance - Perfect for several types of workout
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Overview over Elastic Bands (Set with 5) by Debug

Mini Bands are multifunctional training elastics, and the areas of application are almost unlimited! They take up minimal space and can therefore be easily taken with you.


The Mini Bands can be used for heavy strength training, specific muscle activation, warm-up and rehabilitation.


Mini Bands are often used as booty bands to activate the buttock muscles more, but they can easily be used for many other exercises, that target arms, shoulders, and back.


Debug Mini Bands comes in five different resistance levels. All bands have the same length (600 mm) and width (50 mm) but vary in thickness. 

  • 60 cm x 5 cm x 0,35 mm X-light
  • 60 cm x 5 cm x 0,5 mm Light
  • 60 cm x 5 cm x 0,7 mm Medium
  • 60 cm x 5 cm x 0,9 mm Heavy
  • 60 cm x 5 cm x 1,1 mm X-Heavy

Key benefits of Mini Bands (Set with 5) by Debug

  • Set with 5 bands with different level of resistance
  • Perfect for warm up and booty exercises
  • Takes up minimum space. Easy to use and to bring with you
  • Can be used for workout at home or in the gym

Note: Do note store the bands in sunlight

Detailed Information:

Debug - Elastic Mini Bands (Set with 5)






Suitable for beginners and experienced

Size Range:

X-Light to X-Heavy


Naturel latex

Care Instructions:


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