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Good news for any serious fitness people who felt over-trained and over­dieted in the pursuit of getting fit and ready for the contest stage. MPA Cortisolve is a natural cortisol control supplement which optimises the cortisol output and test levels for faster recovery, increased muscle growth and improved fat-loss.

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Ever felt over-trained or over­dieted?

Many people in the fitness industry are familiar with competitors and athletes who have over-trained or over-dieted. This often happens to athletes on diets with extreme calorie restriction in combination with excessive resistance training and aerobic sessions. Inevitably, this leads to having a high cortisol and ACTH (adrenocorticotropin hormone) output which reduces muscle gain and fat­loss and leads to issues of preventing body mass from being catabolized.


MPA Cortisolve is a natural phospholipid which reduces the cortisol increase and optimises the T-to-­cortisol ratio after exercising. Optimal cortisol output and T-levels will lead to faster recovery, increased muscle growth and improved fat-loss.


MPA Cortisolve can optimise beneficial hormones and prevent unwanted increase in cortisol associated with exercising. This makes you able to move towards building a harder and more muscular physique.

Tag 1 skeful før styrketræning. Tag pulveret alene, bare ind i munden og lad det opløses. Eller mix det i valgfri væske, så som protein shake. Kan indtages uden eller sammen med mad.

Detailed Information:

MPA Supplements - CortiSolve

Sodium (Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) 100mg 2%
SerinAid 50% Complex (800mg of PhosphatidylSerine) 1600mg **



Container Size (g/ml/units):

63,8 gram

Servings per. container:


Serving Size (g/ml/units):

2,28 gram (1 skefuld)


Indtag ikke dette produkt hvis du er gravid eller ammende. Opbevares på et koldt og tørt sted, væk fra direkte sollys.

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